The Mastercard gift card can be used for almost anything. There is a classic gift card, a personalized and customized gift card and gifts cards for business, family and friends. There are also specialty gift cards. The monthly fee for a gift card is waived for the first twelve months. The gift card is accepted at many different merchants including grocery stores, specialty shops and many gas stations. The gift cards from Mastercard will be the perfect gift for college students or business partners. You can choose the card that is best for the occasion.

Friends and Family Gift Cards

With the friends and family Mastercard gift cards, you can have one or many made and delivered. The cards can be delivered in one to two business days. The bulk orders will be shipped together to the buyer of the cards. The personalized cards are unique because you can have the name of each person on the card. The card can be sent directly to the receiver or to your address. You can order up to ten recipients at one time.

Business Gift Cards

If you need a gift idea for rewarding employees or attracting new clients, you can use the Mastercard gift card. The cards can be ordered in large amounts. It is possible to order up to thirty-five thousand dollars worth of cards at one time. The customized business cards are more personalized. You can have the cards made with you own logo with a custom message. You can order up to fourteen hundred cards at one time. This is the perfect way to advertise your business and attract clients as well. A ten-dollar gift card with your logo and a message on it will give a potential client something to think about when they are using the card.

The personalized cards are designed according to your specifications. If you have a company logo, you can add this to your order. Other card designs are available for more ideas. You can get balloons, cats, dogs or just about anything you can think about for a gift card. The cards are made the way you want them.

The Mastercard gift cards are not just for giving. You can order gift cards and keep them for yourself. You can use them instead of carrying cash around. The cards are accepted anywhere you shop.

If you have a business or need a gift for a family member or a friend, you will find that the Mastercard cards are just what you need. You can customize the cards and make them personal instead of plain old gift cards. You will not only be able to give them as gifts, you can use them yourself instead of needing money everywhere you go. All you need to do is fill out the application and decide how many cards you want and they will be made and delivered to the recipient or to your business or home address.

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